Entry: Things would not be the same Dec 8, 2005

I know things would not be the same from now on
U know things would not be the same from now on

We both know what happened in the past cannot be changed anymore
I know what my heart feels

What we need to be doing is just look at the future
Don't be scared with what could happen

I, my self feel so disappointed
cause i know what i dreamed of has just gone

Maybe u want me to feel the same way , like your ex girlfriend did that to u (not me but ur 1st ex gf)

I know im a good girl
Is that u the one who made me not to be a good girl anymore

They way u give me up so easily makes my heart so hurt

I just realized when my teacher asked me , how many percent is the part of your heart you give  him?

At that time I thougt it was 65% , but my teacher just laughed , I didn't know what some funny
Then he asked me again "so if you give ur heart 65% , when he leaves u that means 65% of your life is just gone! ur just the same like a dead body".

I felt a bit hurt. But now , im not sure what's the answer, cause what he gave to me is not as big as what i gave to him .

I tried to be loyal but what to say ....

Maybe he didnt wanna be with me

He doesn't know what the true meaning of love

he doesnt even know me

He didnt know that getting closer with my family means he has to be serious with me

No words can say , he's just a kid , doesnt know how to think more mature

Don't know how to act like an adult

What he can do is just depends on his parents that's all

I'm trying to be good here , im not a girl who will do things such black magic

What i want him to be doing is , learn from his mistakes

Learn kid , learn ..... no one could help u after ur parents die

same as me here , no one could help me after my parents die

I'll help my self, i trust my self even if im kind of jerk

I know God loves me , even after He showed the real things , He knew that's the best for me


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